JUNE 2013

This edition of our Change Purse newsletter is an article written by Lily Goodman. Lily collected purses for her 13th birthday, and is an inspiration to other girls her age.

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Not Just About the Look

Hello, my name is Lily Goodman. I believe in power of advertising to shape the way young people think about important issues. Everyday we are influenced by advertising from magazines ads for the most popular jeans to TV commercials about your favorite shoes. I have been involved in the advertising industry, as a model and actress, since I was two. I have been cast in many different advertising campaigns, but only recently I learned the importance of advertising.


Lily Goodman, Age 13

My first modeling job was a TV commercial and print ad for Goddard school. I remember dancing with a hula-hoop, making ice cream sundaes, and playing on the playground. Although this was fun, I learned lessons about responsibility and making mature choices. I also had to show confidence by expressing myself at the direction of those in charge. My parents were not allowed to stay with me on the set; therefore I had to be responsible for my own actions. As I became older I participated in TV, Film, Print, Theater, and Runway jobs all of which I enjoyed, and learned from.

It was my latest modeling job that really taught me how powerful advertising can be when used to impact the public in a positive way. I was chosen to do to a national ad campaign for Homeland Security to bring public awareness to human trafficking. Through the ad campaign, I realized that even though I live in a country that allows me to be free, slavery still exists in the U.S.A., even in the state of Virginia. I spoke with representatives from Homeland Security that explained that there is more slavery worldwide today than there was in the U.S.A. before the civil war. The life that I live made me forget the significance of freedom. I attend a wonderful school; have great parents, teachers, and many young women that care about me. This campaign helped me realize that there are many people who are not free and how important it is to try to bring awareness of the problem. It wasn’t the normal campaign where I was selling a product but it was much more, I was selling a message to help stop human trafficking.


On the 13th of April I had my 13th birthday party, where I invited everyone in my grade. When I planned my big party I thought, “Since there is such a large crowd coming I don’t want to just accept presents, but help for a good cause.” I started researching local food banks, but I didn’t want to participate in the usual can collecting, instead I wanted to help another cause. I thought why not help an organization that helps prevent human trafficking since I was just featured in a national ad to bring awareness to victims of human trafficking. When I started researching organizations to bring awareness to this problem, I found “Change Purse”, and knew I should donate to them. I collected 2 boxes of purses and brought awareness to problem of Human Trafficking and to the Change Purse organization in the Richmond, Virginia community.


I am so grateful for everything my experience as a model and actress has taught me. It has helped me gain values that are important to me now. I have learned that Sometimes models are used to get an important point across not just to sell your favorite lip-gloss. Throughout my career as a model I have learned to value confidence, responsibility, and success but my most recent modeling job has taught me that I value freedom most of all.