At Change Purse we believe in making change that lasts. Our mission is to encourage hope through raising awareness and investing into the lives of victims and survivors of sex trafficking. We do this through education and by providing funding (acquired through purse sales) for faith based organizations that are making a difference in their communities and working with women and girls who are or have been victims of trafficking. We have decided to create a newsletter because we want YOU to stay informed on the issue of sex trafficking and learn how Change Purse is involved in fighting against this great injustice of our time. We'll give you the inside scoop on some of our larger events, provide you with updates, and in this issue and the ones to come, you'll learn about what organizations we support, our relationships with them, and what these organizations are doing to provide hope and restoration to numerous lives that have been broken. This issue will examine two of these great organizations we support-PEACE Promise and Shores of Grace.


Susan Vigliano of Change Purse and PEACE Promise, shares that PEACE Promise "is first and foremost a prayer movement." PEACE Promise often travels to truck stops to pray. They also work in prevention and education by raising awareness to sex trafficking through social media and speaking engagements. Some members of Peace Promise also serve on a Human trafficking response team that allows police to be in contact with them when under-age victims arrive at the station. In addition, PEACE Promise is moving toward a restoration home for victims of sex trafficking in Pennsylvania that will provide healing and after-care for rescued survivors.

Change Purse considers PEACE Promise to be "our sister organization" because "we share key leaders and our organizations are built and sustained on a strong foundation of prayer in which we are wholly surrendered to God in terms of purpose, vision and finances. We also "believe that our lives are completed in God alone, not in our work or ministry. Change Purse was privileged to be able to fully sponsor the first large venue awareness event that PEACE Promise held in 2011, and co-sponsored PEACE Promise's second awareness event at Messiah College in 2012."

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Shores of Grace photoSusan Vigliano of Change Purse with Nic Billman at a Shores of Grace tour stop

Change Purse is excited to have recently started a relationship with Shores of Grace, a ministry located in Recife, Brazil. In Brazil, prostitution is legal and the country has become a well known and popular spot for sex tourism. Poverty plays a large part in driving individuals into prostitution and it is often the case that women and girls are sold into prostitution by members of their family. While the prostitution of children is illegal, child sexual exploitation has become an epidemic with over 700,000 children being trafficked for sex. The city of Recife has become the center of this problem.

Shores of Grace, led by Nic and Rachel Billman, has responded to this problem in awe-inspiring ways. Shores of Grace seeks to "carry the heart of the Father" to Brazil and the city of Recife. The Shores of Grace team ministers to prostitutes, transvestites, drug addicts and drug dealers, and the homeless on the streets by loving them as the Father loves them, regardless of who they are or what their circumstances may be. Shores of Grace shows the people of Recife that their value is not based on how much money is paid for them, what others have told them they are worth, or what has been done to them. Their value comes from their Heavenly Father who loves them and has created them for a destiny and purpose.

Shores of Grace also shares these messages at Project Bethany, their safe home for children who have been rescued out of prostitution. At the safe home, children are provided the services necessary for their recovery and restoration, and abide in an atmosphere where love is poured into them and the power to overcome is cultivated. Shores of Grace inspires survivors to discover their potential, and achieve the dreams and purposes that God has for them. Shores also serves the churches in Brazil by equipping them to love the unloved and stand against the problems of injustice their cities are facing.

This past January, Change Purse was able to attend some tour stops that Shores was having during their time in the U.S. We were able to sell purses and give the proceeds to them. We are now working on a pilot program with them called Change Purse for the Nations and are in the process of figuring out how to ship purses to Brazil to generate income for Project Bethany.

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Change Purse is incredibly privileged to work with organizations like Shores of Grace and PEACE Promise. We believe that by investing into faith based organizations, victims and survivors of sex trafficking can receive hope, complete restoration and inner healing, and the power to overcome.

It is the hearts and work of committed and inspired groups of people like the individuals of these organizations that truly go about making change that lasts. It is Change Purse's desire that we also will be able to "shine a pure, Holy, grace-filled love of Jesus into the dark world of sex trafficking."