APRIL 2013

At Change Purse we believe in making change that lasts. Our mission is to encourage hope through raising awareness and investing into the lives of victims and survivors of sex trafficking. We do this through education and by providing funding (acquired through purse sales) for faith based organizations that are making a difference in their communities and working with women and girls who are or have been victims of trafficking. We have decided to create a newsletter because we want YOU to stay informed on the issue of sex trafficking and learn how Change Purse is involved in fighting against this great injustice of our time. We'll give you the inside scoop on some of our larger events, provide you with updates, and in this issue and the ones to come, you'll learn about what organizations we support, our relationships with them, and what these organizations are doing to provide hope and restoration to numerous lives that have been broken.


Currently in the United States there are less than 100 beds available for women and children who have been rescued out of sex trafficking. With over 100,000 domestic children being exploited for sex each year, one can’t help but think that something has to be done. In many cases women and girls who have been brought out of sex trafficking situations are treated as criminals rather than victims. Services that can provide women and girls with any type of sanctuary or means of restoration are rare.

Emily Fitchpatrick, founder of On Eagles Wings Ministries, is one among many who has recognized the need for safe homes for girls who have been sexually exploited. In 2002, God gave Emily a vision for a ministry called On Eagles Wings. OEW began to take form when Fitchpatrick learned about prostitution and pimp control while serving in her strip club outreach, and when she came across the work of Shared Hope International. Specifically, their report on the large number of American children sold in the U.S. and the lack of services provided for them struck her, and in 2008 On Eagles Wings Ministries was established.

On Eagles Wings’ Mission is “to restore women and girls who have been sexually exploited through the commercial sex industry.” They accomplish this through four different programs specializing in prevention, outreach, aftercare, and empowerment. Their Prevention program, Youth4Abolition, involves education and awareness on sex trafficking and raising support. Their Outreach program, called Rahab’s Hope, involves a strip club outreach and call center that makes calls to females posing as escorts online, and offers resources, prayer, and a way out. The Aftercare program is The Hope House, a long term residential safe home for rescued girls from sex trafficking and OEW’s Empowerment program, Fields of Hope, is a means by which survivors are able to receive professional development training and skills, mentorship, and empowerment.

When Change Purse was first starting, its members had been praying about what organizations they should fund from the purse sales. They read a newspaper article about the work Emily Fitchpatrick was involved in and after doing some research, they knew that the Hope House and OEW was something they wanted to support.

Last month, some of the members of Change Purse including myself had the incredible opportunity to spend the day with three amazing girls from the Hope House. We traveled down to the Asheville,NC area on a Friday, went out for dinner, and stayed overnight at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast nestled atop a mountain. We headed to the Hope House after breakfast the next morning and picked up three incredible girls for a fun filled day. We began at a nail salon where we were able to start getting to know each other while we were pampered with manicures, pedicures, and french tips. As we waited for nails to dry we were able to share our interests and what we loved to do. We spent what seemed like hours being totally girly and laughing.


Change Purse team from left to right:Sarah Burchette, Angela Moran, Christiana Schuchert, Becca Kappes

Afterwards, with empty stomachs aching for food, we went out for perhaps the best Mexican food I ever had at one of the restaurants the girls love to eat at. The laughter and sharing continued as we munched on ridiculous quantities of chips, delicious mystery dip, and our meals. We ended our time together with some yummy and much craved frozen yogurt.

The time we got to share with the girls was 100% characterized by fun and it is something I still think about often. It wasn’t until after the day was over that the significance of what had occurred really hit. What Change Purse does and what YOUR purse donations, purse purchases, and home parties are all about are these girls- these beautiful, unique, and inspiring girls. When you raise awareness or collect purses from your friends and family members, you are participating in providing hope, healing, and a means to freedom for the many women and girls that come through the Hope House and the other organizations we fund.

Emily shares that what she loves most about being involved with OEW and Hope House is the relationships she has with the girls. She says each girl has her own journey, her own story, and that God hand picks them to come. It’s awesome to be a part of that. We at Change Purse would agree. Although we only had a day, each of us was incredibly blessed to be able to spend time with such amazing girls, girls whose story continues and whose story is being shaped by God’s beauty and purpose and restoration. God knows each of them by name and He holds them in the palm of His hand, able and willing to give them life and life to the full.


The Hope House is the first faith based safe home for minors who have been trafficked for sex in the U.S. The work they do is truly incredible. On Eagles Wings is in the process of opening up an additional safe home in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. This home will be able to house 4-6 girls, thereby increasing the number of beds available for sex trafficking survivors. The home will be located on six acres of property which will allow them to build cottages and have a transitional home in the future for survivors over the age of eighteen.

For more information on On Eagles Wings Ministries visit http://www.oewm.net/

To learn more about The Hope House visit http://www.hopehousenc.com/

Change Purse is incredibly privileged to work with organizations like On Eagles Wings Ministries. We believe that by investing into faith based organizations, victims and survivors of sex trafficking can receive hope, complete restoration and inner healing, and the power to overcome.

It is the hearts and work of committed and inspired groups of people like the individuals of these organizations that truly go about making change that lasts. It is Change Purse's desire that we also will be able to "shine a pure, Holy, grace-filled love of Jesus into the dark world of sex trafficking."

Christiana Schuchert